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Cogeneration Consultants, founded in 1991, has provided its clients with energy saving solutions for their businesses. The efficient use of electrical and thermal resources is of primary concern. Cogeneration Consultants assists automotive suppliers, steel plants, food processing, landfills and hospitals with their major energy projects. These solutions provide the means for their customers to control energy costs. They also provide customer choices to manage energy suppliers and cost escalation. The primary means for the energy savings is cogeneration. Cogeneration is the use of a single energy source, usually natural gas, to create two simultaneous energy products, usually electricity and steam (or hot water). The electricity generated is used to offset purchases from the electric utility and the steam (hot water) offsets boiler fuel. The cogeneration process utilizes up to 80% of the input to create the outputs, thus displacing processes that are 30 to 70% efficient. The efficiency of the cogeneration system creates the savings. Cogeneration Consultants has applied their power generation experience to the field of landfill gas recovery and has been involved in the installation of 50 MW of generation.  Principals, Alan B. Croll, CCP, DGCP and Frank S. Woodbridge, PE, have over 40 years of combined experience in the cogeneration / distributed generation field. Cogeneration Consultants has demonstrated the capability of providing all services required by its customers to design, build and operate power generation systems. These services include feasibility analysis, engineering, SCADA design and programming, project management, commissioning, training and performance verification.